What’s changed?

Reduction in height

  • The scale and layout of the development has been remodelled to provide a perimeter block
  • This has enabled the buildings to gradually climb in height away from the Bedminster Conservation Area adjacent to East Street – starting at three storeys in the smaller block to the north and stepping up towards Malago Road in the larger block to the south.
  • Most of the homes fronting onto Stafford Street and Little Paradise will be in four storey buildings to take account of existing local heights at street level.
  • The bookends of the main block have reduced in height compared to the middle blocks in the original scheme – the reduction is from 8-9 storeys to 5-8 storeys

Breaking up building mass

  • As previously, rather than a single taller building on Malago Road, this is broken into four parts with different heights: nine, 13, 14 and 16 storeys to significantly reduces the scale and massing
  • Additionally, the architectural treatment of the tall building element has been designed to break up the building mass and height impact.

Provision of affordable housing

  • The changes to the layout and design have reduced the number of homes from 329 to 316 (13 fewer homes), while also now including 21 affordable homes.
  • Of the 316 homes, 21 new affordable homes are included and will be located in a bespoke building falling, in part on our land and on the small Council-owned car park at the northern end of the site (called Little Paradise North car park).
  • We are purchasing Little Paradise North car park from Bristol City Council.  We will be paying a land receipt to Bristol City Council for this car park and we will be making a contribution towards the construction of the new decked car park on Plot 4b.


  • The revised scheme layout now accommodates improved pedestrian and cycle routes to create a safe and attractive link from Windmill Hill to East Street.
  • Stafford Street would become one way to vehicles exiting onto Malago Road and be a predominantly cycle and pedestrian route.
  • To accommodate the new MetroBus stop on Malago Road, Leicester Street will be extended through our site, creating a loop road to allow service vehicles – like deliveries and waste collection – to safely reach existing and new buildings. The key pedestrian and cycle route (Malago Greenway) will take people over a new crossing on Malago Road, down a widened and greatly enhanced pavement with a clearly marked cycle route along Stafford Street, continuing on to a newly extended Leicester Street before joining Little Paradise through to East Street.

Enhancements to Public and Private Realm

  • The improved pedestrian and cycle routes will be extensively landscaped and, specifically on Little Paradise, will create a transition from public realm in to private external space
  • There will be active street frontages to help promote a safe environment.
  • High quality communal private realm for use of the residents of the scheme are now enclosed within courtyard settings and roof gardens.
  • The majority of apartments have their own private external balcony space.


  • A reduction in car parking spaces from 84 to 71 spaces, of which 17 are disabled spaces and 15 electric vehicle charging points.
  • An increase in the number of secure bike storage spaces from 358 to 419 plus an additional 32 visitor spaces.
  • Accommodating Bristol City Council’s request for major changes to our original proposals to allow for a new MetroBus stop in front of our site on Malago Road.