The Design

Two buildings ranging in height from three to 16 storeys

  • The massing creates a direct dialogue with the existing historic street grain by having consistent building line parallel to the streets.
  • The building line follows a datum of 4 storeys seeking a connection to the existing area whilst acknowledging an emerging intensification in the area.
  • The corners and bookends break up the extended elevations along Little Paradise and Stafford Street.
  • Stacking balconies over a terrace with a window, balcony, window, balcony alternating rhythm to give a uniform street presence despite apartment types changing.
  • Change in materiality from concrete to mostly brick in two tones to be more consistent with the setting.
  • The northern block starts at just three storeys closest to East Street and the Conservation Area gradually stepping up to the highest point of our development at 16 storeys within the southern block adjacent to Malago Road.

Key views

  • Studies have been undertaken to assess the impact on views into and across the development. These viewing points reflect the guidance in the Urban Living SPD, have been agreed with Bristol City Council and reflect key publicly accessible locations.


The immediate area is composed of street defining buildings with a consistent 2-4 storey building line and vertical rhythm with the main typology being Victorian and Edwardian terraces.

  • The ground floor apartments on Little Paradise have been designed so their doors open on to a private terrace and then on to the pavement, helping create a real street feel and a sense of community as well as a safer and welcoming environment.
  • Rather than proposing shops and bars on the ground floor – which would potentially conflict with existing businesses along East Street or which might remain empty – a residents gym, a residents lounge, a cycling hub and concierge for the development will be located along Malago Road and Stafford Street providing natural surveillance and improving safety for a semi-pedestrianised area.