Public Realm and Private Resident Amenity

Public Realm

  • Pedestrian and Cycle Priority
    • Pavement widths on Little Paradise, Leicester Street and Stafford Street will be a minimum of 2 metres.
    • An extension to Leicester Street to improve connectivity through the site and restricted one way only on Stafford Street.
    • Enhancing and improving the Malago Greenway – a strategic cycle route.
    • Encouraging slow traffic movements to function as a social community space.
  • Street Edge
    • Homes step down to street level on Little Paradise activating the ground floor, giving legibility and providing natural surveillance.
  • Street Trees and Landscaping
    • Tree planting on Malago Road and Stafford Street increasing existing numbers by 4.
    • Landscaping design on Little Paradise to provide a stepped private in to public / private in to public realm and to provide some natural screening and privacy.

Private Amenity for Residents

  • Courtyards
    • Designed and contain items to help promote and encourage a community spirit including self grow planters, moveable furniture, personalised pots, pergolas and WIFI.
    • Connection within the building to create a sheltered communal space for community notice board, book swap and seed bank.
  • Private Balconies / Terraces
    • Majority of apartments has own private external space
    • Private defensible space provided for those homes at ground level either opening on to Little Paradise or in to the courtyards.
  • Roof Terraces
    • Contain areas for residents to self grow.
    • Brown roof landscape to create habitat for wildlife.