Our proposal to build new homes on land between Little Paradise and Stafford Street in Bedminster Green (known as Plot 4).

The Urban Living SPD has been adopted.  Along with a new Local Plan for Bristol, it will seek to address the significant housing, economic, transport and social targets and challenges the city faces.

Bedminster Green – along with the other key sites identified for growth – will play an important role in delivering the homes that Bristol needs.

A planning application for our scheme was submitted in late 2018.  The Bedminster Green Framework was approved by Bristol City Council in March 2019.  A strategic transport assessment has been completed and awaiting final sign off following the public engagement carried out by Bristol City Council in March 2020.

As a result of Bristol City Council’s request for major changes to our original proposals to allow for a new MetroBus stop in front of our site on Malago Road, we have worked with the Council to revise our scheme.

The revised plans have been submitted in May 2020.  Bristol City Council is now considering the revised scheme as part of the planning application originally submitted in late 2018.


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Find out how our proposals have changed at Bedminster Green.

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